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Compare your backup solutions, the Quad Backup System is better than other backup solutions.  Use this chart to distinguish the difference between a simple file backup service and the complete Quad Backup System for your business. 
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  File Backup Service Quad Backup Service
Backup local files to Cloud
Backup all your files (documents, spreadsheets, pdfs, databases, etc.) to a data center or cloud environment.  If you need to restore a file you will need to download the file(s) online over the internet.
Full Metal Backup of PCs and Servers on Your Network
The Quad Backup System lets you backup everything on your computers and servers.  This includes the operation system too!  If one of your computers or servers crashes, the Quad Backup System can restore those machines in a virtual environment.  Full metal backups are automatically backed up on your local network and in our data centers.
Quad Backup Used As A VMWare Hypervisor
If your server or computer crashes don't worry when you have the Quad Backup.  The Quad Backup Server can easily restore the PC or Sever backup and it can be run on a virtual machine.  In the case of a server, The Quad Backup Server can take the place of your production server until it is fixed.
Server Restoration Time
The time it takes to restore a server with The Quad Backup System is dramatically reduced.  This eliminates the need for long periods of downtime for you and your staff. 
3 Days 30 Minutes
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