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The data continuity market is exploding and we have the perfect Dealer Program for your company.  Becoming a Quad Backup Dealer can create an instant revenue stream and can quickly add to your bottom line.  Our Dealer Program has the following features:

Quad Backup Dealer Program Features
Lead Generation Through Our Website
Once you have become a Quad Backup System Dealer we will list your company on our website in the "Dealer Locator".  As we build demand for our product, we will direct inquires directly to your company.  This allows you to take advantage of our search engine management, email marketing, tradeshows and publication marketing.  We want our Dealers to be extremely successful!
Marketing Information
As a Quad Backup Dealer we will supply you with all the marketing information you will need to market and sell Quad Backup Systems.  You can also manage your prospects in our Dealer Portal.
Unlimited Field Support
Quad Backup Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  When you need our support we will be there for you.  You can ask sales questions, technical specifications and we will help you troubleshoot your Quad Backup System.
Commissions on Devices Sold and Monthly Fees
As a Quad Backup System Dealer you will receive a commission on each system that you sell and the monthly cloud service that accompanies that device.  Our Program allows you to build a complete data continuity offering to your clients and make money each month.
Online Ordering
Once you are an approved Quad Backup Dealer we will allow to order Quad Backup Devices through our website!  Our online configurator allows you to purchase the system that matches your Customers exactly.  During the fulfillment process we will keep you posted each step of the way!
Affiliate Program For Your Website
Once your Quad Backup Dealer status is approved, we will provide you with specialized links that you can put on your website that you can link back to our.  Each time your website refers business to us you will be given credit for the link and increase the likelihood of making a Dealer Sale.  This increases search engine optimization too.
Device Warranty Program
Our Quad Backup Systems have a warranty for 3 years and we will help you keep track of the systems you sell.  Extended warranties also mean additional revenue for our Dealers so this feature also helps you make more money!

Quad Backup Dealer Requirements
Dealer Registration on Website
Just register on our website and you can start on your Quad Backup Dealer journey!  It is really easy and only takes a few minutes.  Once we have your registration we will send you out the Dealer Application form. 
Completion of Dealer Application
We ask that all new Dealers complete an application form.  This application lets us get to know your better and gets a Dealer entered into our financial system so that you can start making commissions!  Once this step is complete we will activate your online ordering capability and you will be able to purchase Quad Backup Systems at Dealer Prices!
Sale of One Quad Backup System
We require that Dealers have at least one Quad Backup System before they are listed on our website.  We provide documentation for our Quad Backup Systems on our website and we feel it is necessary to have at least one sale under your belt before we start to funnel more leads your way.
Affiliate Link From Your Website To Ours
90% of our Dealers have a website and we require a link from your website to ours.  We value our Partnership with our Dealers and wand ever possible opportunity to sell one our systems. 

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